Oodles of Doodles Competition

Get your doodle pads and pencils at the ready. It’s competition time!

The Competition

We want you to send us a sketch that describes what CrowdGuru is all about. We will get the sketch professionally illustrated (see below) and use it on our home page.

This image is going to be the first thing people see when they arrive at the website so it needs to communicate our ethos and benefits.

It should not be too complicated but should feature people, because we are focused on people.

What is the first thing a CrowdGuru visitor should see?

What is the first thing a CrowdGuru visitor should see?

The Prize

If you win you will:
1. Have the pleasure of seeing your idea brought to life
2. Have your face illustrated as part of the image, making you famous beyond your wildest dreams.

In aid of Great Ormond Street

Leon, a professional illustrator, has set up a cool idea to support a cause using his undeniable skills. Donate for Doodles is simple, you make a donation and Leon will do a doodle for you of whatever you like. All the proceeds go to Gt Ormond Street charity.
We have made a donation to Leon’s cause and in return he will make a doodle for our homepage.

The Rules

You’ve got 2 weeks.
Email your ideas and/or sketches to ben@crowdguru.org.
Ben, Kathryn and Leon’s decision is final 🙂


Are you a front-end guru?

We have a challenge that will interest you.

Do you want to be responsible for the front end development of CrowdGuru.org? Take a look at the site. You can see why we need some help!

What’s the challenge?

the blank canvas

In a nutshell, we want CrowdGuru.org to be so intuitive and simple to use that it makes a tea cup look over-engineered. We need someone (or a group of you) to take the lead on making CrowdGuru.org a slick, beautiful and engaging thing. What we think we need are:

  • User experience expertise to translate our user journeys into something natural and pleasurable to use
  • Graphic design skills to turn that experience into a high quality visual look and feel with distinct personality
  • HTML5/CSS and Javascript skills to turn the above into an enhanced online experience that works for any device. Ideally with some Java experience, but not necessarily.

If you have one, some or all of these then read on…

How the team is setup

You will join a growing group of Java developers and representative users who are focused on helping you create the reality.

  • User-centred design: we have a User Group of people who will do tests and trials of usability. And we will grow the group as we get more to show them.
  • Design feedback: all the people involved in CrowdGuru have some experience in developing great web projects, and we understand the difference between “I like” and “it works”. We’ll test design elements with real users (and you can help us do it).
  • The “back end”: We have plenty of experienced developers waiting to make your requirements a reality.

We have already conducted a lot of user experience research to come up with key elements of the experience, but we know that more is needed. And we will spend as much time with you as is needed to get you up to speed.

What is required?

Depending on the mix of skills, you will form a team (good for networking) that will lead on the front end. At the end of the day the user is king, but apart from that we want you to make it as exciting as possible.

We expect that the work will take around 1 day per week, perhaps a little more to start with. And this will last for about 3-4 months.

We meet up or skype regularly to keep everyone up to speed and working together.

Be part of something amazing

We hope that what we are trying to achieve will inspire you. We are really excited about what CrowdGuru.org will achieve and want to take all the volunteers with us on the journey… wherever it may lead!

We will give you all the support you need and heaps of kudos for being associated with the project. Not to mention lots of supportive tweets, LinkedIn recommendations and new friends.

If that ticks your box, then drop us a line at weloveyou@crowdguru.org

Attention CrowdStormers! Introducing the charity of the day…

CrowdStorm is nearly upon us! If you haven’t already booked your place then this is still time to (just) at our Eventbrite page.

Introducing Rewrite

The charity setting the challenge at London CrowdStorm will be Rewrite, a London youth charity who use drama and creative writing to fight prejudice and injustice. We’d recommend that you watch the video below before you turn up (it’s under 3 minutes) so you have an idea of what Rewrite do.

Rewrite do incredible work and have been praised by Global Fund for Children, the Financial Times and even the poet Benjamin Zephaniah. If you want to read more about it then visit their website where you can download articles.

So what will happen on the day?

After a short introduction, Rewrite’s Director, El Cocks will set you the challenge that you will be working on during the CrowdStorm. You will be working teams with facilitators to help you tackle the challenge. And the best team gets a prize!

You can get a feel for what you will be doing in the afternoon from our promo video below…

We will wrap up at 5.30pm and then head to the Two Chairmen pub round the corner for drinks. Everyone is welcome!

Look forward to seeing you there

CrowdStorm – Saturday 27th April – 12.30-17.30


What is a CrowdStorm?

The idea is a spin on events like Jams or Hacks, where a group of people get together to create something useful. CrowdStorm will focus on helping a good cause – in this case a charity that works with young people to tackle issues like social exclusion and prejudice in deprived parts of London. The cause is a leader in its field and has won numerous awards for its work. But, like all good organisations, it is keen to explore new ideas to improve and extend its impact.

If you fancy being a part of it, you’ll be working in a small group to brainstorm, develop and prototype your ideas. It will be challenging – it will be fast paced, and you’ll need to get creative! But it will also be fun. You’ll get a chance to meet people, learn new methods for developing and prototyping or visualising ideas, and leave feeling proud of what you’ve created at the end of the day. Between us, we will certainly come up with some genuinely useful ideas that the charity can take forwards.

One afternoon is not much time, so there will be plenty of help on hand – experts to give you insight into the users/customers, an on-hand researcher, interactive tools, and more.

Why are we running this event?

We, at CrowdGuru believe…

“If you have a talent, use it in every which way possible. Don’t hoard it. Don’t dole it out like a miser.  Spend it lavishly, like a millionaire intent on going broke.”

We love this quote by an Irish poet called Brendan Francis. The CrowdStorm event is all about bringing people together, and using their skills to solve a social problem. In fact, you could say the CrowdStorm event brings to life the ethos of CrowdGuru.

Event Details and Tickets

The event will be held in Hub Westminster, in the heart of the West End, and a short walk from Charring Cross and Piccadilly Circus. It’s a pretty cool venue, described as a “startup laboratory for changemakers”, “a superstudio for the new economy”.

Full details and tickets are available from our Eventbrite page: http://crowdstorm.eventbrite.com/

The day will be split onto 4 sessions, with short breaks between each so you will have time to meet other CrowdStormers (and keep the caffeine levels up!).  And if you fancy carrying on the fun afterwards we’ll be heading to The Two Chairman just round the corner.

Session 1 – The Challenge     After a brief welcome from us, the Charity will pose the challenge for the CrowdStormers. You’ll be put to work right away, brainstorming ideas.

Session 2 – Design                    Working in teams, you’ll start to flesh out your ideas.

Session 3 – Prototype             Time to get creating! You’ll pick an aspect of your proposal to prototype or visualise using some of the tools provided, bringing the concept to life.

Session 4 – Share                      The day will wrap up with the teams sharing their ideas.

We’d love to see you there!

CrowdGuru.org needs you!

Would you like to help us make CrowdGuru.org a success? We are not asking for lots of time or money – just your advice and feedback as part of an Expert Panel.

Who should consider it?

  • Small charities & social enterprises – If you work in a small charity or social enterprise and have ever wished you had a bit of extra help or advice to get something done, then we are designing this service for you. So we want you to be involved in the early stages.
  • Ever wanted to share your skills for a good cause? If you are awesome at your job or have a particular set of skills that you could share, then you may well be the kind of guru that we are also designing CrowdGuru.org for. So please join in!
  • Experts in the field! If you generally know a lot about volunteering, mentoring, charity support or social enterprise support then you probably have a huge amount to contribute.

What will be expected of you?

CrowdGuru.org works on the principle that we can achieve so much more by working together. And of course the more great minds are focused on a problem, the quicker we will find the perfect solution.

If you are part of our Supporters Group then we will be circulating ideas and surveys and other bits and pieces to get your opinions. We are asking you to be part of this group because your opinion counts, so feel free to contribute as much as you like! But we also know you are busy, so we’ll keep it as quick and easy as possible.

What do you get out of it?

You mean apart from the enormous sense of satisfaction at having done a good deed? Well we would like to recognise contributors on our blog, with LinkedIn recommendations and anything else we can afford to do. And of course, Crowd Guru will be all the better for your involvement, so you can help to shape something that you will find useful and rewarding.

How to be part of it

Pop an email through to ben@crowdguru.org or kathryn@crowdguru.org saying who you are and why you want to be involved!