We came, we saw, we CrowdStormed it!

On 27th April, a group of over 20 Crowdstormers donated their brains for one afternoon to tackle a challenge for a London youth charity, Rewrite. Here’s what they did…

The Challenge

To help Rewrite become more financially stable by boosting regular donations.

We used the video below to give everyone some background to Rewrite.

The Constraints

It wouldn’t be a challenge if it was easy now, would it? We made sure the Crowdstormers faced real constraints:

  • budget and time, due to the organisations’ size
  • focus on the public (and not corporate or government funding)
  • make sure that young people are not put at risk!

Generating a sustainable income source is a problem faced by many charities, and, despite being an age-old challenge, the Crowdstormers approached it with enthusiasm and creativity.

The Top 5 ideas were…

Sponsor a Story

#tmoi: the medium of intruigue

#tmoi: the medium of intruigue

1: Sponsor a Story

This team evolved the idea of sponsor a child to suit the ESOL programme and enable donations to continue indefinitely (as opposed to linked to a particular child who will leave the programme at some point)

2. The Medium of Intrigue

This idea builds on the power of creating a sense of mystery and suspense. The idea is to release stories in episodes, and build intrigue around the story by releasing episodes through different medium and sporadically, so people have to be on the look-out for the next episode.  Flash mobs, social media, and a twitter hash-tag: #tmoi would all be used. There would be a small charge for being able to access each episode.

3. Pop-up Theatre

Pop Up Theatre

Called RECONNECT, the pop-up theatre gives a chance for people to reconnect with their communities. They would be held in busy areas in and around Southwark, capturing the interests of tourists, the general public, and of course the local population. Performances would include street performers as the warm-up act. Collections would be made from the audience, and people would also be asked to fill out a sheet with their names & contact details for follow-up regarding regular donations. RECONNECT would become a brand in its own right, and could be extended to festivals and other parts of London.

4. More Bang for your Buck

Sustainable funding strategy
This is a more strategic approach, using the main annual event that Rewrite put on as the focal point, around which to build a solid campaign and drive donor engagement. The event would be supplemented by materials showcasing the work Rewrite do in various mediums. The work would be made possible through the use of interns or students as well as alumni of the programme and ambassadors. Some small investment would be put into ensuring the necessary systems are in place to manage this activity.

5. Kickstarter for kids

This idea uses the creative writing workshops to get kids to tell their story and use this to drive a Kickstarter campaign. People would be asked to pledge to transform a child’s life, and help prove that immigrants can be successfully integrated in Southwark.

You can see more pictures from the day on Picasa


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