Oodles of Doodles Competition

Get your doodle pads and pencils at the ready. It’s competition time!

The Competition

We want you to send us a sketch that describes what CrowdGuru is all about. We will get the sketch professionally illustrated (see below) and use it on our home page.

This image is going to be the first thing people see when they arrive at the website so it needs to communicate our ethos and benefits.

It should not be too complicated but should feature people, because we are focused on people.

What is the first thing a CrowdGuru visitor should see?

What is the first thing a CrowdGuru visitor should see?

The Prize

If you win you will:
1. Have the pleasure of seeing your idea brought to life
2. Have your face illustrated as part of the image, making you famous beyond your wildest dreams.

In aid of Great Ormond Street

Leon, a professional illustrator, has set up a cool idea to support a cause using his undeniable skills. Donate for Doodles is simple, you make a donation and Leon will do a doodle for you of whatever you like. All the proceeds go to Gt Ormond Street charity.
We have made a donation to Leon’s cause and in return he will make a doodle for our homepage.

The Rules

You’ve got 2 weeks.
Email your ideas and/or sketches to ben@crowdguru.org.
Ben, Kathryn and Leon’s decision is final 🙂


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