Are you a front-end guru?

We have a challenge that will interest you.

Do you want to be responsible for the front end development of Take a look at the site. You can see why we need some help!

What’s the challenge?

the blank canvas

In a nutshell, we want to be so intuitive and simple to use that it makes a tea cup look over-engineered. We need someone (or a group of you) to take the lead on making a slick, beautiful and engaging thing. What we think we need are:

  • User experience expertise to translate our user journeys into something natural and pleasurable to use
  • Graphic design skills to turn that experience into a high quality visual look and feel with distinct personality
  • HTML5/CSS and Javascript skills to turn the above into an enhanced online experience that works for any device. Ideally with some Java experience, but not necessarily.

If you have one, some or all of these then read on…

How the team is setup

You will join a growing group of Java developers and representative users who are focused on helping you create the reality.

  • User-centred design: we have a User Group of people who will do tests and trials of usability. And we will grow the group as we get more to show them.
  • Design feedback: all the people involved in CrowdGuru have some experience in developing great web projects, and we understand the difference between “I like” and “it works”. We’ll test design elements with real users (and you can help us do it).
  • The “back end”: We have plenty of experienced developers waiting to make your requirements a reality.

We have already conducted a lot of user experience research to come up with key elements of the experience, but we know that more is needed. And we will spend as much time with you as is needed to get you up to speed.

What is required?

Depending on the mix of skills, you will form a team (good for networking) that will lead on the front end. At the end of the day the user is king, but apart from that we want you to make it as exciting as possible.

We expect that the work will take around 1 day per week, perhaps a little more to start with. And this will last for about 3-4 months.

We meet up or skype regularly to keep everyone up to speed and working together.

Be part of something amazing

We hope that what we are trying to achieve will inspire you. We are really excited about what will achieve and want to take all the volunteers with us on the journey… wherever it may lead!

We will give you all the support you need and heaps of kudos for being associated with the project. Not to mention lots of supportive tweets, LinkedIn recommendations and new friends.

If that ticks your box, then drop us a line at


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