Kung Hei Fat Choi

Happy Lunar New Year of the Snake! It is an auspicious year for new ventures so we are all really excited about launching CrowdGuru.org this year.

Snakes are problem solvers, social and successful, just like some of CrowdGuru’s gurus!. In the last year we have helped to hook some incredible people up with each other to solve problems together. This is what happens when you get great people together…


Solving Problems

United Haitians in the UK wanted help with team building and galvanizing volunteers’ efforts around their causes’ core objectives. In this case, the Guru held an interactive workshop session with the team one afternoon, introducing new tools and techniques they could use to help maintain focus and drive. This was a little unusual in that it was not a 1:1 discussion, but rather a chance for the team to work together to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness. Everyone enjoyed the challenge and learned a lot.

Get Social

Sometimes mentoring can just be a little nudge in the right direction even by email, knowing that someone else understands you problem and has the solution.

One organisation wanted help to get an e-newsletter off the ground. A couple of emails later and the problem was solved by a marketing Guru: get onto MailChimp.com and get a free email marketing account!

The Friends of St. Joseph’s School for the Hearing Impaired in Sierra Leone wanted some technical advice regarding their website.  In this case, an informal chat with a Guru one evening enabled them to discuss how they were going to take their web presence forward, and led to the creation of their new site: www.friendsofstjosephskids.org.

Get Successful

That’s what CrowdGuru is all about: making charities and social enterprises more successful.

RESULTS.org wanted help with the organisation’s marketing & communications strategy, so they enlisted the help of a Strategic Marketing Guru, with lots of experience of helping large charities with their marketing and communications strategy. We will hear more about this in a later post, but the Guru and Results.org are still working together and loving it!

Variety is the Spice of Life

Great things happen when people come together. The Gurus and Causes that have worked together so far have enjoyed new challenges and learned new skills to help them develop.

If you like the idea and think you have something to offer as a Guru or you work for a Cause and need some help (or you are both!) then get in touch at weloveyou@crowdguru.org and we will do amazing things together.


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