Crowd Guru: Let’s work together!

Crowd Guru links people with skills to people in good causes who need help with a taskA really simple idea: Micro-mentoring

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step” Lao Tzu

So what is Crowd Guru? We are building a social media tool that matches people with skills (Gurus) to others (Causes) who need help on a specific task. For skilled professionals, the ability to teach someone the skills you have is so much more valuable than simply giving your time in an unskilled way, for example, by working on a soup kitchen.  For those in causes, it can be hard to get the training and development you need, and what better way to up-skill than by asking an expert for help in a very practical way, on a specific task.

When a match is made the Guru takes a little of their time to understand what the Cause is trying to achieve and then passes on their skills to help them achieve it for themselves. This might be through a call, a couple of emails or a couple of sessions over coffee.

How does it work?

People working in social enterprises and charities can log in using their LinkedIn account or email address, and post up a task that they need help with.

Gurus sign up in the same way, stating the skills they have to offer.

We sift the crowd of skills needed and skills offered, and suggest some matches using our Very Clever Technology. We’ll set some simple ground rules around confidentiality and make suggestions for how to manage the relationship so it works for both parties.

Then it is down to you.

Why sign up?

If you are a social enterprise, charity or other good cause then you should sign up if you have a task you need help with. That could be creating a marketing strategy or writing a fundraising letter. What you’ll get is:

  • New skills from an experienced professional, for free
  • Tangible outputs: a great marketing strategy or a superb fundraising letter
  • Greater success in doing what you set out to do
  • Connections with other organisations like yours.

If you are a potential guru then you will get some incredible benefits too:

  • Get to use your amazing skills in a creative and new way
  • Refining your skills through helping others, improving your management and communications skills
  • Flexibility to offer your skills at times that suit you
  • Autonomy – the freedom to do it the way you know will achieve results
  • A warm glow from knowing you have passed on your skills to someone who is making a real difference, working for a cause you support!

How do I sign up?

We are still developing We hope to launch in the next few months. If you like the idea then join our User Group – a small group of causes and gurus who are helping us design and develop

You can sign up by sending an email to


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