Building the technology – using networks to develop

Development in the Crowd

Development using the crowd.

We’re just starting out on the technical development, looking to create a well-designed site that does lots of clever stuff behind the scenes and yet is easy to use, and engaging. So, what better way to do this than practice what we preach and get a crowd of amazing gurus to help us do it!

Having worked as a project manager on website builds for many years, I know some very talented technologists – architects, developers, team leaders, designers. The great thing is that, once people hear about the Crowd Guru project, they are keen to get involved and volunteer their time and expertise. So, without too much arm twisting, I’ve been able to pull a technology leadership team together. This group will help manage the site creation, make key technical decisions, and play a significant role in the overall creation and success of the site. This is an innovative approach in many ways… there are no job roles or hierarchical structure, tasks are not assigned, they are self-selected (i.e. people choose to take on a task they would like to do), and all decisions are made in a collaborative and completely transparent way.

We are using some great free tools as well – it’s amazing the resources that are out there if you look. The ones we have opted for are Asana ( to collaborate on the application design and a free trial of SmartSheets ( to manage the project. Definitely worth a look if you are thinking of doing something like this.

And it doesn’t need to stop there. Once we have the team in place there is potential for us to use open-source software development techniques to develop the site and test it all thoroughly. But that’s for a later stage.

I’m quite excited about trialling the process, and pretty optimistic it will work. After all, I’m in the enviable position of being able to pick my own “dream team” – any project managers out there will be able to relate to that sentiment!  And a great team makes for a fun project. Watch this space to hear how it pans out…



One Response to Building the technology – using networks to develop

  1. crowdguru says:

    We just spent a weekend working on This is a great tool for collaborating on complex projects as you get lots of different people working on and commenting on lists of activities. You can upload documents and put links into activities. Very simple and intuitive to use. Give it a go!

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