needs you!

Would you like to help us make a success? We are not asking for lots of time or money – just your advice and feedback as part of an Expert Panel.

Who should consider it?

  • Small charities & social enterprises – If you work in a small charity or social enterprise and have ever wished you had a bit of extra help or advice to get something done, then we are designing this service for you. So we want you to be involved in the early stages.
  • Ever wanted to share your skills for a good cause? If you are awesome at your job or have a particular set of skills that you could share, then you may well be the kind of guru that we are also designing for. So please join in!
  • Experts in the field! If you generally know a lot about volunteering, mentoring, charity support or social enterprise support then you probably have a huge amount to contribute.

What will be expected of you? works on the principle that we can achieve so much more by working together. And of course the more great minds are focused on a problem, the quicker we will find the perfect solution.

If you are part of our Supporters Group then we will be circulating ideas and surveys and other bits and pieces to get your opinions. We are asking you to be part of this group because your opinion counts, so feel free to contribute as much as you like! But we also know you are busy, so we’ll keep it as quick and easy as possible.

What do you get out of it?

You mean apart from the enormous sense of satisfaction at having done a good deed? Well we would like to recognise contributors on our blog, with LinkedIn recommendations and anything else we can afford to do. And of course, Crowd Guru will be all the better for your involvement, so you can help to shape something that you will find useful and rewarding.

How to be part of it

Pop an email through to or saying who you are and why you want to be involved!


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